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*LOCAL* LASIK Corrective Eye Surgery

Eye CareCorrective Surgery

We provide general eye care as well as corrective surgery such as LASIK, and treatment for cataracts, eyelids, glaucoma, & diabetes.

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Our Eye Care Services Include:

Comprehensive Eye Care

Davidson Eye Associates has the only full-time Ophthalmologists in Davidson County. Get expert care from an MD, ability to spot and treat complex eye diseases/conditions, in-house surgical capabilities, and the best frames and lenses available.

At Davidson Eye Associates, you’ll find a rare combination of advanced technology and personal attention. For more than 30 years, we have delivered complete eye care services for adults and children in Davidson County and the surrounding region.

From routine eye exams to no-stitch cataract surgery, there’s no reason to leave Davidson County for your vision care. As ophthalmologists, Dr. Slyman and Dr. Hawkins have the expertise and training to provide surgical and medical treatment for a wide range of eye disorders.

Patient Successes

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